Selling Your Business? Better Position Your After-Tax Take-Home with Strategic Planning

So, you’ve built a thriving business – congratulations! Now, your sights are set on a well-deserved exit. But before you shake hands with the buyer, there’s one crucial step: Seeking to maximize your after-tax sales proceeds. That’s where a financial advisor with expertise in business sales comes in. Why You Need More Than Just a […]

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Maximizing Impact: The Strategy of Asset-Based Giving – Contributing Shares of Your Business Before the Sale

For business owners seeking to make a substantial philanthropic impact while strategically planning for their financial future, asset-based giving presents a unique avenue. Leveraging the concept of contributing shares of a business before its sale, known as asset-based giving, can not only benefit charitable causes but also potentially offer tax advantages and financial planning opportunities. […]

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Retiring as a Small-Business Owner: What to Know Before You Go 

The thought of retiring may be intimidating for anyone—but if you own your own business, handing your “baby” to new owners might be enough to stop you in your tracks. What might you do to set your successor up for success? What should all business owners know before they go? Set Specific Retirement Goals When […]

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Business Succession Planning

When developing a succession plan for your business, you must make many decisions. Should you sell your business or give it away? Should you structure your plan to go into effect during your lifetime or at your death? Should you transfer your ownership interest to family members, co-owners, employees, or an outside party? The key […]

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