Selling Your Business? Better Position Your After-Tax Take-Home with Strategic Planning

So, you’ve built a thriving business – congratulations! Now, your sights are set on a well-deserved exit. But before you shake hands with the buyer, there’s one crucial step: Seeking to maximize your after-tax sales proceeds. That’s where a financial advisor with expertise in business sales comes in.

Why You Need More Than Just a CPA and Attorney

Your existing CPA and estate attorney are undoubtedly valuable assets. However, selling a business involves complex financial considerations beyond just filing taxes or managing legal aspects. A specialized financial advisor can bring a holistic approach, focusing on strategies to:

Leverage Charitable Giving:  Donating a portion of your sale proceeds to charity can not only benefit a cause you care about but also reduce your taxable income. We can advise on vehicles like Donor Advised Funds or Charitable Remainder Trusts to maximize your charitable impact while minimizing taxes.

Implement Estate Planning Techniques:  The sale of your business can significantly impact your estate.  We’ll work with your existing attorney to integrate business sale proceeds into your overall estate plan, with the goal of minimizing future tax burdens for your heirs.

Beyond the Sale: Tax-Smart Investing

Even after you’ve sold your business, tax planning remains crucial. Depreciation recapture on business assets can generate significant taxable income. We can help you develop an investment strategy which strives to offset this income and potentially maximize your long-term wealth accumulation.

Building a Team for Success

Selling a business is a complex process, and it’s wise to assemble a team of experts. Your existing CPA and estate attorney are crucial players, and a financial advisor with business sales expertise adds another layer of strategic guidance to help you navigate these complexities.

Ready to Take Control of Your Exit Strategy?

Don’t leave money on the table! Contact us today to discuss your business sale plans and explore how our team can help you pursue a successful and tax-optimized exit.

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